Lunch Deals

BB’s Lunch Deals

BB’s Pizzaria Offers one of the best lunch deals in town.  Hot and Fresh.  Ready to go, everything from Pizza to Salads to Chicken.  The best place in Rochester to get a fast lunch. Get in and get out a a great price.  BB’s Lunch Specials are served Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Slice Deals

Slice deals include pizza and a pop.  One slice of pizza and pop just $4.00.  Two slices and a pop just $7.50 or Slice, Salad, and a pop just $7.50.  Dine in or carry out available.  Slices rotate daily.

Monday: Pepperoni, Pepperoni & Mushroom or Bacon Cheeseburger

Tuesday: Pepperoni, Pepperoni & American Sausage or Canadian Bacon

Wednesday:  Pepperoni, Cheese or Jason’s Combo

Thursday:  Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken or American Sausage & Mushroom

Friday: Pepperoni, Triple Cheese or BB’s Special

Saturday: Pepperoni, American Sausage or Bacon Cheeseburger


7″ Personal Pizza

Want to create your own lunch?  No problem, BB’s offers 7″ Personal pizzas available to order.  Pick your sauce and your toppings and we’ll do the rest. Choose from a 7″ single topping with a pop for just $5.75 or a 7″ single topping, salad and a pop for just $7.50.  Additional ingredients can be added for an additional $ .25.  Available dine in or carry out.


Broasted Chicken Lunch

Is it pizza night tonight?  No problem, try one of our broasted chicken lunch specials.  Three piece chicken and a pop for just $5.50 or 3 piece chicken, slice of pizza and a pop for just $7.75.  Please allow 15 min for all chicken as good chicken takes time.  Available dine in or carry out.