Minnesota Style Pizza


Recently there has been a big debate on what Minnesota-Style Pizza is, well stop in and we will show you.  For over 10 years (actually over 11 now), BB’s Pizzaria has been offering our version of Minnesota-Style Pizza. Our Minnesota-Style Pizza is a must try for anyone who is looking for something different, something local.  You cannot get this unique style anywhere else but here (at least for now).  Whether just visiting Minnesota or you call this home, you will fall in love with this unique style of pizza you can’t get in New York or Chicago.

Our Minnesota-Style Pizza includes an unassuming Midwest crust (not too thin and not too thick) with large helping of your favorite fresh toppings and enough sauce to cover all the way to the edge.  No floppy mess, no gimmicky crust edge just great pizza flavor all the way to the end.   As far as toppings, that is up to you!  You tell us your favorites and well prepare it the way you like with our “Minnesota Nice” twist.  Need help deciding?  Check our some of our Specialty Pizzas.

Although we take pride in our Minnesota-Style Pizza we understand some of you like what you like and for those of you who really like your Deep Chicago Style or your thin New York pizza we have you covered.  We are happy to prepare other crust options that will make you feel like you are back in the big city.  Let us know your favorite and well get to it!

Although we recommend enjoying one of our Minnesota-Style Pizza in house with a local draft beer, we are always happy to prepare for carry-out or delivery.  Serving a group?  No problem our large seating area can accommodate large groups (or have us cater your next party).

Questions please Contact Us anytime.  Check out our Coupon Page for some great deals or better yet stop by BB’s Pizza and let us show you that Minnesotans know how to make a great pie!


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